Simple Steps To Let Me Help You

Working With Resume WriterWhen you make the decision to hire a professional resume writer, you’re not only investing your time and money, but you’re also entrusting me to articulate your personal brand and shape how you’ll position yourself in your job search. I take this responsibility very seriously and am providing these tips to help ensure we have a successful and positive collaboration!

  1. Communication – This is probably the most important aspect of our collaboration. I need to keep you informed about what I need from you and you need to be responsive to my requests for information. Your responses should be clear, honest, and detailed. I need to receive them in a timely manner in order to meet all deadlines.
  1. Be clear on your job target – Telling me to make a “general resume” is not going to be successful. The more focused your resume is, the more effective it will be in generating interviews/interest.
  1. Trust me – You hired me for my expertise. If you have any questions don’t be afraid to ask me. I will provide you with objective, honest answers.
  1. Don’t lend your resume to anyone else – I’ve customized your resume for you. It has been developed to your specifications and talents. Letting someone else use your format, design, and/or wording may dilute its effectiveness for you-especially if you “lend it” to a co-worker or colleague. You don’t want them to duplicate your resume and compete for the same opportunities.
  1. If you are not getting results, let’s talk – We might need to make adjustments to make your resume more effective. I also might be able to share some additional strategies to help you increase the number of interviews and job offers that you receive. I want you to be satisfied and obtain that ideal position.
  1. Let me know how you are doing – Sometimes I don’t hear from clients until they are ready to update their resume. I’d like to hear from you when you get that job offer. It’s a time to celebrate!
  1. Keep your resume updated – Once you land that new position and you are sure that you are staying (usually the first 90 days determine if you are in the right job), get back in touch with me to add your new position to your resume. Keep track of your new accomplishments and achievements in your new role; it makes updating your resume easier and you can respond to new opportunities that arise quickly.

Remember, your resume is a marketing document. It is a detailed document meant to help you obtain opportunities and enhance your career. I am happy to collaborate with you to build a successful resume. These simple steps will allow us to become an effective team during your job search.