Since you don’t often write your resume, using a template you can download online might seem like a quick fix solution. However, once you start sending your resume out, you might find you get very little traction. At some point you start to wonder why the phone isn’t ringing when you realize your resume is probably looking/reading a lot like your competitors because they used the same downloadable template you did!

Why using a template won’t positively impact your job search:

  • The template looks the same as many of the other resumes coming in for the same job. You want your resume to stand out and it won’t if you use a template. With a customized resume you can tailor it to the job opening and highlight the skills that make you unique. A customized resume will show what makes you different and better for the job.
  • The templates are of poor quality. A template assumes many things about the person and job(s) being applied to. Because every person has unique skills and accomplishments, templates cannot clearly define your value.
  • The format of the resume may not be conducive to the applicant tracking systems (ATS) that so many employers are now using. Some online application systems can mess up the formatting of the resume so when you submit a template it can get completely skewed. If you don’t know what the ATS systems needs, having a resume writer in your back pocket can save you a lot of time when using your resume to apply for positions online.
  • The template could be outdated. The format of resumes changes over time and professional resume writers remain focused on what hiring agents are looking for as these trends continue to change.
  • Last, but certainly not least, it’s only a template. This provides a generalized script. This won’t tell you what you should include in your resume to make you stand out. It won’t show you how to showcase your abilities and qualifications. It’s not going to help you show your uniqueness. So stick to a custom resume or reach out to a professional resume writer if you need help.