At some point in your career a hiring manager or recruiter will ask, “Why should I hire you?” And your response is…… If you prepared for the interview, you may have created your “brand” or “position” that defines who you are and what you can do for the company. Positioning yourself (or creating your brand) is key to differentiating yourself during your job search.
To cultivate the positioning that will help you reach your career goals, you must understand and be able to communicate what makes you exceptional and compelling. You must find a way to stand out in a crowded and competitive job search. If you’re not known for something, you won’t be known for anything. One size does not fit all.
Finding a job is a lot like dating — it’s about finding a match between two parties (you and the company). It’s not just about money — although that is important. It’s also about helping the company meet a need that it has.
Companies hire because of their needs. This is true for all jobs — from an entry-level administrative position to the CEO’s job.
Understand the emotional motivation behind the job opening. What problem is the company trying to solve? Solving the problem can be about saving time or building customer relationships. Positioning yourself to be a solution to their problem is imperative to gaining new employment.
When employers are hiring, they really want to know: “Why should I choose you instead of someone else?” Positioning is an important part of answering this question. You can’t be all things to all employers, so you need to figure out what sets you apart. Consistency in this messaging will help you throughout the job search and interview process.
You need to express: “I am this.” Someone who is reading your résumé or LinkedIn profile should be able to recognize you in it.
The most difficult part about positioning is sounding original. Be specific about what distinguishes you. Your positioning is not your job title. Also, if your position could be said about almost anyone with your same job title, it needs work.
It’s important for a jobseeker to stand out from the pool of applicants in order to receive serious consideration as a candidate. Personal positioning allows you to establish a clear message of who you are, the experience you have, and how you can be an asset to the employer.
Make sure your personal positioning aligns with your target company’s wants, needs, and/or values. Remember: Employers hire for theirreasons, not yours!
You have to get the reader’s attention quickly. Your positioning is often the first impression an employer has of you, so make it count!