Millennials are struggling to find jobs. Given the young talent they provide, you would think companies would be more than ready to be hiring them. Unfortunately that is not the case in today’s job market. Here are some of the reasons why they are having such a hard time:

  • Unrealistic expectations: Although this may seem like a stereotype, it has been found that millennials are overconfident and think they deserve higher paying jobs that they are underqualified for.
  • They have resumes that are focused on themselves. The resume and cover letter need to be focused on what they can do to assist the employer. Employers want to know what the candidate can do for them, not the other way around.
  • They have not obtained the life skills they need. They graduate from college with book knowledge, but they have not been in the real world to learn workplace skills like communication.
  • They have a poor credit score because they have not built up a credit history. They are afraid to get a credit card and obtain any debt as they have already taken on student loan debt. Credit scores are looked at by potential employers, and when they see a poor credit score it makes them turn away from millennials.
  • They have posted inappropriate content and pictures on their social media profiles. What they might casually say online to their friends is not what they should have a prospective employer seeing. Unfortunately, this can ruin their chances of even being considered for the job.
  • They are perceived as job hoppers. Surveys have shown that they tend to hop from job to job. This is costly for companies when employees do this, so they are hesitant to hire millennials.

This can be discouraging for millennials to be stereotyped this way and makes it all more important to have a resume that stands out from .. Please understand and let it be known, not all  millennials are this way or should they be perceived as such. Being young should not be viewed negatively. In fact, more and more employers are starting to understand the long-term contributions young professionals play within their organizations.