You’ve decided it’s time to rejoin the corporate world but how do you explain the gap in employment after being unemployed or for personal reasons? It can be difficult it you have a major gap in time lines between employers but…the good news is the right resume can emphasize your strengths and values and eliminate the BIG ?- why weren’t you employed?

Which resume is right for you? There are two (2) basic types of resumes, functional and chronological and both can play an important part in your job search.

Let’s look at a chronological resume verses a functional resume –

A chronological resume is in order from most recent to past experiences and if you have a gap in employment, this may not be the most effective way to express your value. It can certainly hone in on any employment gaps.

A functional resume lists your skills and experiences and can emphasize your strengths.

In either type of resume, it is important to include a stated objective- what do you want to do and if you are returning to the workforce and have a gap in employment history, have a professional resume created that expresses your value and experience without highlighting the negatives.