I know you may be thinking that keywords are just for optimizing a website. But I am here to tell you that they can be a valuable resource for job searching. They can be an effective way to refine your job search and find more targeted leads.

They should be included both in your online profiles as well as your resume. Recruiters use these keywords to search for job candidates. So if you have them in your profiles and in your resume, you will be found easier by recruiters. Your first step is to develop a list of keywords.

This may seem like a daunting task but it is fairly simple once you learn what to look for. The first step is to make sure your first and last name are consistent on your resume and all online profiles. This builds a great online presence for you. That way when a recruiter googles your name, they can see the list of your profiles in one search. If your resume reads, “Mary Smith,” but your LinkedIn profile and Facebook page read “Mary Alice Smith,” this could be a problem.

Make sure to include your location or where you want to be looking. Recruiters look for candidates based on city and zip, so these are great words to add to your list. The next part of your resume shrecould include the job title and the industry you want to work in. These keywords will also be used in your job search to find jobs in these industries and fields.

A great place to search for the best keywords is Indeed’s Job Trends page. This will show you how common those keywords you are using are. It will help you to determine if you should use those in your resume and online profiles, as well as searching for a job online. It helps to make your job search more effective.

If you have terms that are used predominately in your industry, then those would be great keywords to use. This eliminates a lot of other search results that may not be pertinent to your job search.

Another great resource for keywords is to look at job postings that interest you and take notice of words that they use repeatedly. This will help you to develop a list of keywords.