Virtual or digital interviewing, whether it is via Skype, pre-recorded questions, or telephone is becoming commonplace in today’s interview process. If you compare the two types of interviews, you will find many similarities. For instance, body language is extremely important. In both types of interviews you should:

  • Maintain eye contact – Projects interest and understanding
  • Nod your head – Indicates understanding and patience
  • Smile – Shows warmth and a positive attitude
  • Lean forward – Signals understanding, interest, and concern

While these tips may not seem valuable during a phone interview, your actions will reflect in your voice. Remember, your voice is the major key for this type of an interview. Make yourself get in the habit of following the above tips.

When participating in interviews over the internet, there are a few additional steps that will assist you in having a successful encounter with the hiring agent. Before your appointment, check your:

  • Background – A plain background is less distracting to the interviewer. Busy or messy backgrounds take away from you. You want the focal point to be on your face not on the background.
  • Professional dress – Don’t look too informal or wear bright colors.
  • Be prepared – As with any interview, prepare for it by doing your research, have questions ready, and additionally, turn off telephones, televisions, and anything else that might disrupt your interview.
  • Be on time – A virtual interview can be the step before an in-person interview. Be ready 15 minutes prior to the scheduled start of the interview.
  • Do a trial run – A practice run-through will allow you to check lighting, clothing, camera angle, and sound. This trial will help to eliminate any technical difficulties that you may encounter.

A virtual interview requires just a few extra steps than the in-person interview. Even though many of the advantages of the virtual interview assist the hiring agent, you can use this type of interview process to your advantage too.