More and more job seekers are using their mobile phones when searching for a job. Career Builder now has an app you can use to search. There are many more job sites with apps out there such as Monster, Indeed and JobAware. These apps allow you to search for jobs no matter where you are.

Although these can make searching for a job more convenient it may not be that easy applying for the job through your mobile phone. It can be a little more challenging going through the online application system with your phone. This is why a lot of people opt to use their computer to submit their resume and cover letter.

These apps can help you search jobs and email the listings to yourself. Some of the apps such as JobAware allow you to activate your GPS to determine your locations and find jobs from there. If you already have an online account through places like Monster or CareerBuilder, then you can download their app and access your account through their mobile app.

You can use the contact manager in your phone to keep track of your job research and who you have contacted. The calendar on your phone will allow you to keep track of appointments and setup reminders for them. The notes section of your phone will allow you to keep track of ideas as they come to you along with a to do list with action pieces.

You can also use the web browser on your phone to do research on the companies you are interested in targeting. Many phones have the capability of having DropBox and other online storage apps. This will allow you to keep your cover letter and resume on you at all times, in case you find a posting you are interested in applying to. There is also a Microsoft Office app so you can edit your cover letter and resume right from your cell phone.

Another tip that is helpful is to put your cell phone number on your resume. This allows you to be able to answer a prospective employers call at any time of the day. It will ensure that you won’t miss that important call. Remember not to answer the call if you are in a noisy place as this can reflect poorly on you for a first impression. If you do answer the phone, answer with your name so they know.

Job searching can be seem like a monumental task but it doesn’t have to be, if you utilize your mobile phone in your job search.