Much has been said in the last decade about using the internet for job search. Gone are the days when a job seeker circled job ads in the newspaper. Today there are an overwhelming amount of websites and online tools for the average job seeker. I want to caution you about throwing a dart at an undefined target and expecting results. Just like everything else, it helps to have a plan and focus your efforts at a niche targeted space.  I have selected a variety of niche sites and resources that can be helpful.
General Job Search– check out these comprehensive sites for helpful articles, job search tips and tools, and some even have career research centers that are easily accessible.

Company Research – valuable company information to help you when considering a position. 

Military – great resources for military personnel and spouses re-entering the job market. 

Government  –  career exploration for federal government jobs and related industries

Executives –targeted to upper level managers, and C-level executives filled with resources. 

40+ Job seekers – Age-specific sites that address the challenges and concerns of the 40+ individual seeking a career change. 

Social Media  – These websites help a job seeker  maximize their online search through social media resources. 
  •  www.Vizibility.comcreate QR code for your resume and help control what hiring agents find out about you on Google
  •  www.tweetmyjobs.commatches job seeker up with jobs and sends results via cell phone, twitter or email 

Salary Tools

As I mentioned at the beginning of this blog, I have chosen a selection of sites that I thought you would find beneficial to use in your job search. It is at least a place to start. Of course, using a certified resume writer and/or career coach can also help you navigate through career transition. These professionals specialize in writing resumes, LinkedIn profiles and other career materials, as well as coaching a job seeker through the various aspects of a career change. 
A special thank you to Karen Chopra for compiling this list at the recent Career Thought Leader Conference.