Top Websites for Careers Part 4
In the past few weeks I have been sharing some of the top career websites compiled recently by Forbes. I hope some of these websites have been helpful. To view previous blogs click here (LINK). Below are the rest of the websites in this series. 
Free “salary wizard” gives a quick snapshot of the salary for a given job title in a particular city, or users can fill out a questionnaire with more specifics like education level and years of experience, and get a more focused result. Also paid version. 
 A Google-like search engine for jobs and a quick way to survey a massive number of job listings. Information from job boards, news sites and company listings. 
Michael Warshafsky, blogs about 60 different professions and describes each entry with “a typical day,” “top 3 perks” and “job culture.” He also summarizes job requirements, skills needed and a description of the general outlook for the field.
Social Savvy Sarah is a personal branding and social media consultancy. Read her free blog on topics such as how to utilize the power of social media to help grow a following and promote your brands, image, and online presence. 
Offers a way for college students and recent graduate job seekers to get unpaid work experience with small businesses and non-profits looking for people to volunteer their time on short-term projects. 
Job search engine that connects exceptional talent with innovative high-growth companies. The site provides a listing of startup career opportunities, including thousands of jobs at venture capital backed companies nationwide. 
Online destination and valuable resource for women transitioning into entrepreneurship, aiming for work-life balance, and desiring to sustain new and existing businesses.
Place for job seekers to post their qualifications and invite hedge funds, investment banks, and private equity outfits looking to hire candidates with particular qualifications, to seek them out. 
An online career and lifestyle publication targeted at women, The Daily Muse is a contributor. Articles include descriptions of what it’s like to work at specific companies.
Job-search site for people making $40,000-$250,000. With free basic service, users can see job titles and have access to the site’s career tools and resources.  Paid Premium Membership available.  
Offers highlights from conversations about leadership and management, that can be found in the Business section every Sunday.
Dr. Marla Gottschalk writes a blog that discusses everything from how not to hate job interviews, to employee engagement advice, to the evolution of the workplace.
A job board that includes dozens of positions that can be filled remotely, from call agents and virtual assistants to direct sales to transcribers. 
Allows applicants to sign up and get alerts either by email, text or through Twitter, when jobs have been posted in their field of interest, or when their Facebook and LinkedIn connections have links to job postings.
The government’s official site for Federal jobs and employment information. It provides public notice of job opportunities and offers a platform to support online recruitment and job applications. 
Online job board features employer profiles and rankings on a variety of professions, including law, banking, tech, accounting and consulting firms. Users can upload their résumés and sign up for job alerts. 
Packed with free content aimed at job seekers and those looking to advance their careers. It also includes a link to the Wall Street Journal’s financial jobs website, FINS.
Content focuses on helping people find and succeed in meaningful work, and assisting companies and managers in retaining their top talent.  
A matching site that hooks ups would-be interns with job listings. Applicants fill out short profiles and the site matches them with open listings. 
I hope some of these websites that I’ve shared with you over the past few weeks have been helpful. Please feel free to share this blog series with someone you know that might benefit from the information contained in these websites.