I hope you have been following my last few blog posts for some of the best online career-related websites. The original list was created by Forbes, and I have refined that list, sharing some of the top websites that might be useful for career changers, job seekers, or anyone interested in their career. If you missed a week or two, click here to catch up. Chapman Services Blog.

One of the largest and most-visited resourcesfor journalism and PR jobs. Between 2.5 to 3 million page views a month. Search jobs in wire services, magazines, radio and TV.
Career site for freelancers, independent workers and startup entrepreneurs trying to make it in the world. Discussions about struggles, success stories and making serious connections.
Engaging and informative site which offers blog posts, videos, and event listings to help young professionals succeed in the ever-changing world of work.
Number one largest professional social networking site. Post a summary of your career and work history. Recruiters and hiring managers use LI more than any other website to connect with job candidates.
A job search aggregator, that only includes jobs listed on company websites. The site indexes more than 22,000 company career pages and updates listings nightly. Similar to Indeed and SimplyHired.
One of the oldest and largest staffing firms in the country, handling both part-time and full-time work. Job seekers can upload their résumés and receive job alerts via email.
Career site for people working in media, from book publishing to advertising to public relations and marketing. The site offers extensive job listings. 
One of the oldest online job boards. Job seekers can post their résumés and comb listings for free. The site includes loads of free content on everything from résumé to sample resignation letters.
No Joe Schmo delves behind the scenes of jobs you wish you had, jobs that make you squirm, and jobs you didn’t know existed.
An online employment agency that connects remote workers with employers. Small and medium-sized businesses, to large companies like Google, and Microsoft hire employees to work in distant locations.
Aims to help college students and recent graduates who aren’t sure what career path to take. Users sign up and the site sends them a job listing or an internship opportunity.
Offers free salary data to users in exchange for information about their jobs and compensation. Users can do a quick search on a company and job title, or get an estimate of what someone of their age and experience should expect to earn in their city.

Next week will wrap-up our series on the career-related websites. Hope you enjoyed this week’s websites, even the off-beat ones have their merit and contain useful information.