Are you prepared for your next career move? These days internet research is an essential part of the job search process. Last week I shared with you some of the best online destinations (published by Forbes) for anyone who wants to launch, improve, advance, or change his or her career. Here are a few more websites that might be helpful to you. 
Job seekers post their qualifications for free. This website states they have superior technology that matches applicants to hiring managers.
Specialized job board for public relations, social media and communications positions.
A Google-like search engine for jobs and one of the most efficient sites for surveying job listings.  Advanced search enables users to drill down on a location, keywords and salary range.
Helps users figure out what careers they want to pursue and directs them to schools where they can train for that career. Career Finder feature offers descriptions of more than 15,000 careers.
The next series of websites focus on people who are looking for intern opportunities. They are not all directed at college age students. These websites have value to adults who may be thinking about a career change and want to try out something new. Maybe someone who is thinking of going back to college to get a degree in another field might find interning in the proposed field could dissuade them from pursuing a new career in a field that doesn’t hold their interest, or, could work just the opposite, and confirm a person’s passion for a new field. Either way, checking out a few of these websites could be helpful.
One of the world’s largest internship marketplace where employers can access internship database as well as post paid and unpaid, full and part-time internship jobs.
Free website to help students develop professional skills for the workplace. Articles and videos featured on the site come from a variety of sources.
Connects college and graduate student applicants with internships. Includes paid and unpaid internships in engineering, non-profit, real estate, sports & more.
Website helps students find and apply for internships while also educating them on how to make the most of their experiences.
Connects the brightest and most talented interns with leading companies in the “hardest-to-break-into industries” on its multimedia platform.
Now back to the alphabet for more career-related websites.
A new site, founded late last year, offers advice and tips on interviewing techniques. Articles include how to answer the toughest interview questions.
Website for independent-thinking women everywhere who are changing the face of business, and loving their jobs.  Mission is to positively inspire women.
Has evolved into a “personal relationship manager” that allows you to manage your job search and optimize your network relationships for the duration of your career.
Free job search site that matches both recent college graduates and established professionals from the U.S. and Canada with employment opportunities.