Maybe you have been trying to put together a resume for yourself for a while. You feel like you have been trying really hard to find that perfect job but your resume just isn’t landing you any interviews. You feel frustrated as you know you are qualified, but the phone don’t ring! So, you decide that maybe hiring a resume writer would help fix that problem. Now the question is, what do you ask them in order to find the right person that is qualified and experienced? Here are 7 questions that you should ask them:

  1. How do you gather information?

While some firms use multi-page questionnaires and others conduct telephone consultations with every clients, finding a firm that works the way you are most comfortable will be very important.

  1. Do you have samples of your work?

This will give you an idea of their writing capabilities. However, since resume writing is very custom work, don’t think that your resume will be exactly like the samples you receive/read.

  1. Do you have any certifications?

Resume writers have to pass an exam and also demonstrate their ability to create resumes, if they are certified.

  1. How long have you been in business?

You don’t want a novice working on your resume. The resume writer should have extensive experience in creating resumes for candidates.

  1. Are keywords incorporated into my resume?

An experienced resume writer will incorporate keywords into your resume. This will ensure more exposure for your resume in an electronic system that employers use to find good, quality employees.

  1. How much does it cost and what does it entail?

This will allow you to understand what is involved in the process, how long it will take and what it will cost you. This will leave nothing to interpretation. Remember, there are resume writers who will charge $100 and there are those that will charge $3000; your options are nearly limitless.

  1. Would you be writing my resume or would it be another writer on your team?

If you want the owner of the business to write your resume versus one of her staff, be sure to find out who will actually be doing the work and/or request a certain writer.