When taking on the task of searching for job, you want every tool you can have in your toolkit. So here are some tips and tricks to use in your job search:

  • Recruiters use Twitter heavily. They tweet about jobs they are recruiting for. So use this social network to find jobs listings. To do this, go to the Twitter search box in the upper right hand corner and start looking. You could even create lists so you can check these on a daily basis for possible job leads.
  • Use a job search tool such as Jibber Jobber. It’s free to use this online database for your job searching. You can put in where you have applied, when you interviewed, when you followed up and so much more.
  • It is essential to have a LinkedIn profile. You want to make sure your profile stands out among the crowd. So, make sure you have a custom URL for your profile, a strong summary, job-specific accomplishments, and more. Should you need help creating a powerful LinkedIn profile, contact me here.
  • See how your resume ranks if you were to put it into an applicant tracking system. There are tools like Resunate that can score that for you. If you don’t know about applicant tracking systems, a Google search is in order for you.
  • Use LinkedIn to contact someone you do not have contact information for. Just search their name on LinkedIn and send them a direct message. You can also use LinkedIn to post updates daily. Post an applicable article or talk about something you are working on. This keeps you top of mind to recruiters.
  • Keep track of what is being said about you online. You can do this by using Google to search. This will show you what your online reputation is. You could also use a site like Social Mention to find this out.
  • Comment on company blogs to engage with job recruiters online. This shows your interest and you can demonstrate your experience by commenting. You can do the same on their Facebook page. Like the page and then comment on it.