Creating a
resume can be a time-draining task; however, even if you think it is perfect- proof it! It is highly likely that you will send your new resume out via email or some other form of electronic transmission so here is away to check for errors before you send it out.

I will assume you create your resume in WORD format. Save your document. Then click save as, select other formats, and choose the drop down arrow and select plain text format click save. Make sure you check “Allow character substitution”, and then click “OK”. Open your document. It is time to clean this up. Chances are if you have bullets within your resume, those bullets would be converted to questions marks. You can change those questions marks to asterisks * or waves ~ or even hyphens –

You will also want to take some time to either remove extra white space or add white space if words are jumbled to close together. The object of this task is to make your resume as legible as possible. Make sure you save your changes. Then close your resume document.

If you use Outlook as your mail application, open a new email and then copy and paste your resume from the plain text version into the new email. From here, check your spelling and punctuation. Word is famous for not catching every misspelling or error but plain text is easier to read, thus ensuring you have minimal or no errors.

Proof and if there are corrections, make sure that you also make those changes in the Word formatted resume. If there are no corrections, then super! Go back to your plain text version and close it out. If there are corrections, then click the plain text version, delete all and then save and close. Reopen the plain text version of your resume, go back to your email where you pasted your plain text version of your resume, copy and then paste it back into the text version. Click save and then close. Delete the email. Reopen the plain text version of your resume, select all, copy and then paste back into the email. Double check to make sure all of your changes was saved.

At this point, your resume should be free from any typographical errors but you are not done proofing. Have a friend or colleague proof your resume or contact a professional to ensure your resume is error free and is the stepping stone into your new job or career.