Let’s hope not! Your resume is a selling tool that ultimately gets your foot in the door- so essentially, it is the key. Now, what if your resume just isn’t delivering the results you are looking for?

Here is a sure sign that your resume is not selling you. Resumes that include a long list of responsibilities are simply boring and not effective as a selling tool. Instead of listing responsibilities, describe your professional achievements in detail. A way to think about this during your brainstorming session is…

  • What did I do every day or what challenges did I face?
  • What did I do to overcome those challenges or as some like to say “put out fires”
  • What was the end result? Did the company increase revenue? Patrons?

You get the idea so instead of saying my responsibilities were this and that, focus on your professional achievements and captivate your audience. You can always take a look at some of our sample resumes.