You’ve spent a great deal of time creating your resume or having a professional resume writer create it for you so why send it out if it is less than perfect? It is essential to proofread your resume and do your best to ensure it is free from grammatical errors. Seriously- some employers and recruiters will bypass a resume that has spelling errors so don’t miss your chance of getting hired. Proofread your resume, have a trusted friend or colleague proof your resume and the more you proofread, the smaller your chances of summiting a resume that has errors in it.

Go ahead, don’t just proofread your resume once, do it twice or even three times or as much as necessary.

Here are some great tips for effective proofing of your resume:

  • Concentrate- don’t try to proof read your resume if you are busy. Stay focused on the task at hand and proof your resume when you are free from distractions.
  • Print it out- looking at your resume on paper may help your proofing skills since it is a very different experience than looking at your resume on the computer screen
  • Punctuation- don’t neglect proper punctuation- ensure there are commas and periods where necessary
  • Enlist help when needed- the old saying two sets of eyes is better than one is very true so having someone else proofread your resume could serve to be very valuable