You’ve got less than 30 seconds! Does your resume get ruled out before someone knows what you do? Does your objective clearly state your value?

Here is some basics that recruiters screen for:

  • Work experience
  • Education, certifications or license requirements
  • Technical background and skills
  • Location…and more!

In addition, recruiters consider your resume presentation as an indication of your writing skills and professionalism. This is done is less than 30 seconds so if your resume is not clear, chances are, you are out. Does that mean you are unqualified? Absolutely not! It simply means your resume isn’t as strong as it could be and with so much competition, without a powerful and effective resume, the door will never open. It’s important to apply for positions where you meet the minimum requirements, but the you may never get in the door if your resume doesn’t communicate the right information and express your value. Your resume is in fact your “selling” tool!

When preparing a resume for submission, savvy job seekers ensure their resume:

  • Is clean, neat in appearance on neutral paper
  • Is well organized and easy to follow with significant information
  • Is free from grammatical and spelling errors

Anyone who is not sure what a resume should look like should seek the assistance of a professional.