You’ve hired a professional resume writer to create a powerful resume and cover letter, you are preparing to get ready for interviews, looking for your next opportunity and start contacting companies that are hiring. You spend countless hours sending out your resume and cover letter but the phone just isn’t ringing and you start feeling overwhelmed, discouraged and end up wasting precious time.

Here’s a few things to remember during your job search and some mistakes to avoid. When time is of the essence, it’s important not to make mistakes- and by avoiding common mistakes, I guarantee you you’ll increase your chances exponentially!

Everything needs Structure

Without a well thought-out plan of action behind your job search, you’ll end up wasting a lot of valuable time on minor or unproductive tasks. Get yourself a dedicated space to work, set a schedule, do your research, set your goals, focus your efforts, and stick to it! Remember: structure leads to consistency, consistency leads to determination, and determination leads to victory!

Are YOU on your own

Somewhere along the line, since no one ever told us how to look for a job, we assumed that we had to do by ourselves. Nonsense! If the plumbing in your home suddenly exploded, would you take the time to stumble through fixing it yourself or would you call a plumber? My guess is that you’d call the plumber because time is of the essence. So, is finding your next job any less important or less urgent? Of course not! There are countless professional coaches and career consultants out there who can help you succeed, and while they charge for service, if you figure that you’re losing potential income every day that you’re without work, then you simply can’t afford not to. A coach can sometimes be the difference between playing and winning.

Did YOU Forget that it’s all about “MARKETING”

The key to your job search is to MARKET yourself, and you market yourself in every piece of documentation you send out, in every personal contact that you have, in every phone call that you make, and every interview that you go to, and in every single chance that you get. Remember, in the job search game, the winner is very often the one who out-markets everybody else. Use your plan as the basis to get your name, your face, and the value you can add in front of everyone who needs to know. You should wake up every day and ask yourself “Who can I market myself to today, and what’s the best way to do it?” LinkedIn is a great way to market yourself and we can enable your LinkedIn profile to intrigue your audience, thus get your phone ringing for interviews.

With Time of the Essence, it’s time for YOU to take control, get out there, reach outside your comfort zone, be creative and reap the rewards that follow!