While it may be difficult to find the silver lining in being fired, there can be some positives.
1.         One of the best things about searching for a new job while you’re unemployed is you can be open about your search. You don’t have to worry about your current employer finding out that you’re looking for a new job — which is one of the biggest risks of job searching while you’re working.
2.         You may also find that you receive more assistance, advice, and guidance from others in your job search if you were laid off than if you were conducting a job search while you are employed.
3.         Being let go might also be the push that you needed to make a change. It’s easy to become complacent in your career. When reflecting on this time in their life at a point in the future, many job seekers say they wish they hadn’t had to go through it, but they ended up in a better job as a result.
Tips for Success
1.         Enlist the help of others. Form a support group of like-minded people who are ready to tackle the next opportunity. Share leads, contacts, and advice with each other. Celebrate your successes when job offers are received.
2.         Get help and support. The older you are, the more fearful you may be. It can be beneficial to seek counseling or career coaching to help you during this time. Don’t be afraid to consult specialists to help you navigate the process — for example, an employment attorney if you feel you’re not being treated fairly by your previous employer.
3.         Stay positive. This is probably the most difficult thing to do after being fired, but it’s also the most important factor affecting your future success. It’s normal to feel sad, depressed, angry, or hurt when you’ve lost your job. Acknowledge your loss, but move forward one step at a time.
4.         Take care of yourself. Be sure to eat right, exercise, and don’t be a recluse and stay at home. Take advantage of the programs and services available to you, and position yourself to be successful in your next job.
Being laid off or fired can be one of the most difficult things you encounter during your lifetime. You need to keep moving forward and working towards your next career opportunity. And it may surprise you that being fired may be the motivation you needed to make significant changes in your life that were easy to put off when you had a job.