Job fairs can be intimidating. But if you are well prepared for what to do then it will go smoothly. Here are some tips of what you should and shouldn’t do when you’re networking at a job fair.


  • Research the companies you know will be at the job fair. They usually provide a list of companies that will be there ahead of time. Review the list and do your research on each company, what positions they have open, and how you would be a good fit for them.
  • Make sure you come prepared with what you can offer companies. Think about a summary of your skills and qualifications and how those will be a good fit for the positions these companies need to fill.
  • Show up at the job fair prepared with questions you want to ask the recruiters. Recruiters want to see you have come prepared to ask questions and show interest.
  • Dress professionally. Make sure you dress in business attire like you were showing up for the first day on the job. Remember, this is your first impression for these companies.
  • Make sure to get business cards from the recruiters. This shows initiative and will provide you with a way to follow up directly with each recruiter.



  • Fill your conversation, when you’re nervous, with words such as um, like, or you know.
  • Refrain from talking negatively about previous employers as this makes you look bad instead of the former employer. This is something you don’t want to do when looking for new opportunities!
  • Interrupt people when they are talking to the recruiter. Although you may be excited to talk to certain companies, refrain from interrupting. Wait your turn and maintain your professionalism.
  • Drop your resume off and walk away. It is important to hand your resume to the recruiter and talk with them. Establish yourself as a person and not just a resume.
  • Skip booths. Going to each booth helps you get acclimated to the process and conversing with them.


Now get out there and shine!