It only takes a few minutes for your resume to be reviewed and either passed on or considered. This is why keywords are so important in your resume. The question is, what keywords are the best ones to use and what are the worst to use.

Don’t use vague words such as team player and hard worker. Be more specific and use numbers to back up those statements. Avoid words that would be considered jargon or buzz words.

According to a Career Builder Survey, these words should not be used on a resume:

  • Go-getter: 27 percent
  • Think outside of the box: 26 percent
  • Value add: 16 percent
  • Results-driven: 16 percent
  • Team player: 15 percent
  • Strategic thinker: 12 percent
  • Dynamic: 12 percent
  • Self-motivated: 12 percent
  • Detail-oriented: 11 percent
  • Proactively: 11 percent
  • Track record: 10 percent

So be very careful what words you choose to put on your resume. This can make or break your resume when it is put in front of a hiring manager. Here are some examples of words you should have on your resume, according to a Career Builder Survey:

  • Achieved: 52 percent
  • Improved: 48 percent
  • Managed: 44 percent
  • Created: 43 percent
  • Increased/decreased: 28 percent
  • Ideas: 27 percent
  • Negotiated: 25 percent
  • Launched: 24 percent
  • Revenue/profits: 23 percent
  • Under budget: 16 percent
  • Won: 13 percent

So take a look at your resume and see what words you need to remove and how you can improve it by adding some of these action words above.