Art of Findin Job LeadsLooking for a new position is a job in itself with many challenges to undertake. Challenges such as getting your resume ready, deciding on the type of position you desire, and discovering how to get job leads. Finding a job lead can be one of the most difficult and important aspects in your search for a new position. As a job seeker, discovering sources for leads and generating a large number of possibilities is your goal. You want viable job leads that can advance you to the next step, the interview.

There are many resources that are available and should be used for those seeking a new job. The following list provides several places that are effective and efficient to employ.

Networking – one of the most effective ways to discover and develop job leads. Your network can be a valuable source of information relative to who is hiring, the name of the hiring authority, and getting your name recognized. Strong networks are developed over time with effort given on your part. Networks, especially those developed prior to a job search, can be excellent sources for information and support.

Job Fairs – a great way to contact many businesses at one time. First impressions are very important at a job fair. You are introducing yourself to a hiring agent. Many times a great first impression, along with a solid resume, can provide you with strong leads. Don’t go into a job fair cold. Do your research ahead of time on the companies that will be at the event, narrow down the ones most likely to be in your target group, and be sure to research those companies you are interested in so you can walk into the job fair with company information at the ready.

Professional/Trade Organizations – these groups provide not only networking contacts but also valuable information on your career interests. Consider joining a group, or two, if you are not already involved.

Corporate Career Centers – offered by many companies with easy access online. Career centers are a great place to locate job openings, company information, submit resumes, and more. A tremendous amount of information is available to you instantly.

College/Alumni Centers – these centers are often overlooked, but many companies use them to search for candidates that have experience and are not just new college graduates.

Volunteering – volunteering for different organizations not only provides visibility, but often, you will gain skills and knowledge that is attractive to prospective employers. While this is often overlooked, this can be a great way to expand your network.

These are just a few of the key places where you can find job leads. Once discovered, it is up to you to follow up with them. Remember, a lead is useless without effective follow up. Keep detailed notes of who and when you made contact, what was discussed, and more importantly, if you sent a resume. A successful job search requires a solid list of job leads and follow though.

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