If you are still job searching and are wondering why you cannot find a job even though you have applied at numerous companies and job boards; then let’s rethink how you are going about it. Job searching isn’t just applying and hoping you will get called for an interview, there is more to it. Today’s job market is so competitive and having a job search strategy in place is the first step. So, how do you get the results you are looking for?

This week, we’ll talk about successful job search strategies that can help you not only get called for an interview but ultimately, land the position you are looking for, saving you stress, time and earning you the figures you desire and deserve.

What Job is Right for You?

If you specialty is Management, then why spend your time searching for just any position? There are tools available on the web like Google Alerts that can help you find the jobs that you are qualified for, including locations, match your qualifications and more. Start by narrowing down your search criteria which will keep you focused on your job search and provide relevant listings. Then search through those listings and start inquiring on the positions offered.