Searching for a job can be challenging at times, especially when you feel like it is going nowhere fast. You may have certain jobs in mind that you want, but you go through the whole process of tailoring your resume and cover letter and nothing happens. Don’t lose hope. If you persevere, you will find that job, given time.

Learn to focus on what you can control. These are things such as following up with prospective employers you have sent your resume to or beefing up your LinkedIn profile. These are things you can control to make your job search more successful. So focus on these things.

Make goals for what you would like to accomplish so you can have something to work with. When you accomplish these goals you will feel a sense of satisfaction. This will boost your mood and make you realize that the situation is not so bleak.

If you are getting feedback that your resume and cover letter are not good enough, then contact a resume writer. If you are feeling depressed about the situation, then talk to a family member or close friend who can look at the situation from an unbiased view.

Think of this process as a learning situation. This can be an opportunity to see what needs to be changed. It could simply be that your expectations are not what they should be. A great resource for finding out what the hiring process is for a lot of employers is Glass Door. They can provide you with other candidate’s experience, what interview questions they were asked, and provide tips for improving.

Focus on your accomplishments and achievements. I am sure you have achieved a lot in your career so think back to all that you have done over the years. This will create positive thoughts of your career and what you have to offer to prospective employers.

Try some positive imagery. Imagine yourself in your dream job in your dream office. Visualize every aspect of it. What you would wear. What you would be doing. Who you would be working with. Now think about this each day as you are job searching. Use this to propel you forward into your job search.