I just finished reading this article “Should I Stop My Job Search During the Holidays” by Beth Braccio Hering, special to CareerBuilder

And, it’s really amazing how many people stop their job search during the holidays and with the calendar year coming to a close, job seekers are usually to rejoin the job search market after the new year has begun. As Beth says, “After all, companies are too busy trying to get work done amid office parties and days off to have time for new hires, right?”

Oh how wrong you are. “Slack off during November and December and you might just miss one of the best times of the year to find a job.” And quite honestly, I could not agree more!

Companies still need talent- and here are a few words from Frank, Elaine and Josh

“I would say taking time off from your job search is never wise, regardless of the time of year or season,” states Frank Dadah, general manager at Winter, Wyman — one of the largest staffing organizations in the Northeast. “Oftentimes, year end is the busiest time of the year for companies, not only because they are getting ready for the year-end close but because they are gearing up for a quick start to the new year. It may be a bit more challenging to schedule interviews during the holidays, but that doesn’t mean companies aren’t hiring.”

Elaine Varelas, managing partner at Keystone Partners (a career management and transition services consulting firm headquartered in Boston), agrees. “When there is a need, a candidate needs to be there. The idea that a candidate should suspend her job search during the holidays or that employers stop recruiting during this time is very dated.”

Likewise, Josh Jones, CEO of DreamHost Web Hosting (a Los Angeles-based web hosting provider and domain name registrar) says his company is planning a late 2010 hiring “spree” for about 20 full-time positions. “We’re trying to gear up for what we expect to be faster growth starting in early 2011, and we want to have people on board and situated already by the time that comes.”

So even though you may think that companies are waiting until the new year to start hiring again, continuing your job search just may land you that golden opportunity you are looking for.