Fall is a season of change…students head back to school, nature sheds its summer foliage, and weather cools in most regions of the nation. September is the perfect time to update a resume as well. The strategy is loosely based on the following:
1.              December is the biggest layoff month of the year
2.              January thru March/April are the biggest hiring months of the year
If you update your resume in September, you are ready for December layoffs and/or first of the year hiring season.
Most job seekers experience some career growth during the period of a year. Updating on a regular basis keeps your resume current with your latest skills, and accomplishments from the past year.
·         Update and add content with:
  • New accomplishments and skills from yearly reviews from current employer 
  • Recently completed degrees or certifications
  • Awards and recognitions
  • Professional association memberships
  • Updated contact information

If you are considering dipping your toes in the job search pool, updating and refreshing your resume should be done before you start your job search.
If you are in the midst of a career search, once you have revised your resume, be sure to update the resumes you have online. You may find this refresh gets the attention of the recruiter or hiring manager.  It is also recommended to add these updates to any online profiles you have on LinkedIn, Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
Similar to setting up a dental appointment twice a year to clean your teeth, set up a calendar reminder to update your resume annually in September. The most effective resumes are freshened up on a regular basis.