Having a powerful resume is essential and can leverage you in front of your competition. Your resume may not get you the job but it must get you in the door for an interview. Your resume should be written to intrigue potential employers and pique their interest enough to schedule you for an interview. This is the primary purpose of a resume and there are rules to follow in order to create a powerful resume.

Rule #1: When writing a resume or having a resume professionally created, keep in mind that your resume should be written purpose – focused on obtaining a specific job. Keeping your resume focused and adding your specific experiences and attributes that fulfill the necessary requirements is what the potential employer looks for. Your resume should meet their specific needs and be the foundation of your job search.

While no one can really guarantee that your resume will get you the job you want, there should be a guarantee it will get you interviews. If you are getting interviews but not landing the position you desire, we can help!

If your resume is not getting you interviews, let’s take a look at it and together come up with a solution to not only get you that interview but help you land the job you desire.