An objective statement is a great way for entry-level candidates to state their need for employment when applying to various positions. However, an experienced professional should steer clear of using an objective statement when writing a resume and enlist the value-added professional profile approach. Professional profiles showcase an applicant’s value to employers and transform the applicant into an outstanding candidate.

Here is an example of a good objective statement:

“Dependable, focused, and educated finance candidate with Bachelor of Arts Degree in Finance pursuing entry-level career opportunities related to financial analysis, investment banking, or investor relations.”

An example of an appealing professional profile follows:

“Knowledgeable and successful sales professional offering more than 10 years of practical and progressive career experience underscored with numerous multimillion-dollar sales contracts. Rich career background encompasses relationship building, new business development, high-impact sales presentations, solutions selling, and more. Recognized for easily cultivating solid strategic partnerships with key decision makers. Demonstrated success penetrating new markets, developing diversified sales channels, and facilitating sales force training efforts.”

As you read the two different examples above, you can recognize the difference between the two introductory statements. While an objective statement is exactly what an entry-level candidate should use on his resume, it is not what a professional or executive should be using in his resume. A professional profile addresses you and your skills as value-added benefits to an organization, while an objective statement asks the employer for entry-level opportunities where training, in all likelihood will be necessary.

Whether you are an entry-level candidate or an executive, it is very important to state the name of the job you seek within either the resume’s objective statement or professional profile. Do not keep employers guessing as to what type of job you want. Writing resumes with a clear focus is what makes resumes truly effective.

The next time you write your resume, seriously evaluate whether you need to use an objective statement or a professional profile as fist impressions are of utmost importance when trying to gain interviews!

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