By: Lisa Chapman, Certified Professional Resume Writer

Once you decide it is time to create a resume for your pending job search, you then need to decide which resume format you should use to create the resume. You didn’t know there was more than one resume writing format?! With this article, I will educate you on the top three formats used to generate interviews in today’s competitive job market. There is a standard format that most people use, another format that very few people use, and a somewhat emerging format that hiring agents are embracing very positively right now.

CHRONOLOGICAL RESUME FORMAT – This is the resume format that most people use when they create their resumes. This resume is written in reverse chronological order and clearly documents progressive career growth starting with the most recent job held. This resume format is easy to read and interpret by hiring agents of all kinds. However, if your most recent position is unrelated to the job you are currently seeking, this is a poor choice to use and you should consider a functional or hybrid resume format. This resume format is a great option for you if you are not making a career change.

FUNCTIONAL RESUME FORMAT – This is the resume format most hiring agents hate to receive. While a functionally formatted resume showcases your accomplishments and professional value, it also hides your liabilities and hiring agents are very aware that functionally formatted resumes are used by a lot of people wanting to hide information from their pasts. The functional resume format should only be used when there are significant gaps in employment or when a lot of “job hopping” has occurred.

HYBRID RESUME FORMAT – This is the format that hiring agents love (we do too). The hybrid resume format will showcase your career milestones while documenting when, where, and how the milestones occurred. This specific format is highly recommended, when appropriate. If you are searching for growth opportunities or are seeking a career transition, this resume format will work well for you.

Highlighting as many successes as possible on page one of your resume significantly improves your chances to impress hiring agents. Remember, employers will take just 60 seconds or less to review the resume you submit. The very first page of your resume must be accomplishment rich. Employers love to see numbers. Be sure to quantify all of your accomplishments and tell the hiring agent how you did what you did.

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