Are you in the middle of writing your resume and wondering what information to include and what information to exclude? You must begin to think like the person who will be hiring you. What will she want to see on your resume? What information will be important to her?

The only clear indication of future performance is based on past performance. It is imperative that your resume be focused on quantifiable accomplishments achieved at each employer documented on your resume. While it is important to provide an overview of your job responsibilities to the reader (hiring authority), your resume is significantly strengthened by telling the hiring authority what positive impact you made for your employers and their businesses.

When thinking about accomplishments, think of problems you faced, the actions you took to resolve those problems, and then the positive results that were attained due to the action(s) you took.

– Problem: increase sales 12%
– Action: developed new targeted marketing campaign
– Result: raised sales 18% in just 3 months

The way this would be documented on a resume could be:

– Fueled top-line sales 18% versus goal of 12% in just 3 months by developing new targeted marketing campaign

When you think of accomplishments in these terms, you will not have any problem filling your resume with quantifiable achievements that hiring agents love to see! Your resume will stand out from your competition because of the time you spent identifying and documenting these accomplishments.

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