There has been some chatter on whether resume distribution services are viable and even worth your time, effort and cost and the consensus is “yes”- as a matter of speaking, when you have a professional resume and you want to get it in front of the decision makers, resume distribution services can increase your ROI and get your phone ringing as long as it is targeted.

Don’t confuse resume distribution which is targeted, meaning you are well-qualified for the position and have a powerful resume used as your tool to unlock the door verses resume blasting, which literally could take you months to see any positive impact.

So, what is the difference? Which one is better? Let’s look at resume blasting for a minute…

Courtesy of which contacted over 5,000 recruiters/decision makers throughout the US and Canada and “over 92% of those surveyed reported being inundated with irrelevant responses to their job postings. Most participants indicated that they receive hundreds of responses per online job posting.”

There were several other complaints that included:

  • Majority of resumes do not match the job description. [71%]
  • Job seekers “blasting out” unsolicited resumes. [63%]
  • Job seekers fail to follow specific resume submission instructions found in job post. [34%]”

So, you may find a golden “egg” with resume blasting but your return on investment may be higher with targeted resume distribution and We Can Help.