Imagine this: There is a company you really want to work with. You work really hard on polishing up your resume and writing the perfect cover letter. A week after sending your documents, you get a call from the HR department saying they want to schedule an interview. You are super excited, but know now is the time to get adequately prepared for the interview. Below are seven ways to prepare for this interview.

  1. Research the company. Your research should include some history of the company as well as important facts about their culture and mission statement. Look for any recent news or press releases about the company so when you’re asked what you know about the company and how you associate with the company you are able to respond intelligently.
  2. Review typical interview questions. This will help you prepare for what might be asked of you during the interview. You want to come prepared with answers so you are not thinking of the answers on the spot. This would include questions such as: Tell me about a time you achieved something at work that you were really proud of, or it could include something about providing information about your biggest weakness.
  3. Come prepared with your own questions for the interview. You need to remember this is not only a time for them to see if you are a good fit, but also if you feel this is a good fit for you.
  4. Plan what you will be wearing. Your clothing should be appropriate to the dress code of the company as well as the position you are interviewing for. This establishes an important first impression to the person interviewing you. You also want to make sure the clothes are clean and wrinkle free. Along with this, you want to be well groomed.
  5. Come prepared with several copies of your resume and reference list. Having these documents with you shows you are prepared and responsible. The reference list should have names, employer information, job titles, and phone and email addresses for contact purposes.
  6. Get plenty of sleep the day before the interview. Getting a good nights rest will make your mind clear and will help you make the best possible impression.
  7. Treat everyone with courtesy. Being kind to everyone even includes the front desk person. Oftentimes this reception person is asked questions about those who showed up for interviews. Making a bad first impression with anyone in the company can hurt your chances of getting hired.