This week, it’s all about powerful resume profiles and how to intrigue the decision-maker, recruiter and potential employer. Creating a powerful resume profile or career summary will get you noticed if written correctly. Your resume opening statement is not your career objective, and should be well focused and one of the most decisive components of your resume and professional profile.

Your resume profile is very different from your resume objective statement. The major difference between the two is that your resume profile or career summary focuses on what the potential employer will gain from hiring you whereas your career objective focuses on you, the potential candidate.

Your resume profile statement should feature your skills, accomplishments and career level, and may include your career objective, but only with the advantage that your resume will be more interesting to decision-makers and recruiters.

You don’t have to worry if your resume profile is longer than a resume objective because the idea behind creating a powerful resume profile or career summary is that your resume gets noticed and you get the call for the interview- not your competition.

Be sure to stay honest when creating a powerful resume profile or career summary that intrigues your audience enough to make the call- remember, you are the person they are looking for!