While your resume gives a potential employer enough information to make the decision to call you in for an interview, adding a cover letter that explains in depth the unique skills and qualifications that make you ideal for the role is worth its weight in gold.

When addressing your cover letter, make sure you know who it should go to and by doing so; your resume and cover letter will get into the right hands. Customize where you can- if you are seeking a specific position; then base your approach on the information revealed in the job listing.

Remember, the rule of thumb, 30 seconds to grab their attention so keep it short and sweet. Don’t waste your time on unnecessary cliché words or anecdotes rather, explain why the position interests you, request an interview and thank the potential employers for their time.

A powerful cover letter and resume doesn’t have to sound like you are boasting when you have given the challenges you faced, the actions you took and the results of those challenges. Your ultimate goal is to land the position so give enough valuable information in your cover letter and resume that piques the potential employers interest enough to call you in for the interview- THEN, you can elaborate on why you should be hired.