When creating your LinkedIn profile, there are things you can do to optimize your LinkedIn Profile like creating a “vanity URL”. It’s not really vane but you have the option to create a URL that has your name in it.

Here is how to optimize your LinkedIn URL:

Login to LinkedIn

Under the Profile tab, click edit profile

You will see Public Profile and by default, your URL may look like this:

http://www.linkedin.com/pub/test-me/35/81/724 Edit

Click Edit

On the right hand side you will see this:

Click Customize your public profile

Chapman Services Group recommends that you choose your name

There may come a time if your name is common that the URL may already be taken and that’s ok- now you can get creative…

Choose your name and title- your professional title and when a green arrow appears, then click save.

Chapman Services Group offers customization of your LinkedIn Profile at a low-low rate so contact us today to get started.