We all know that LinkedIn is where professionals go to network, look for potential jobs and where decision-makers and hiring managers search for potential candidates so why not make sure your LinkedIn profile is the best that it can be…from the start!

Here are some easy ways to optimize your LinkedIn Profile:

Include useful information. Once you have created your LinkedIn profile to include your summary, specialties, experience and so on…get recommended! Meaningful recommendations are key and giving and receiving meaningful recommendations really helps optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Add useful applications to your LinkedIn profile. If you have a blog with WordPress, you can add the app…or if you share files, there’s an app for that. Many of the apps on LinkedIn are very valuable and even a newbie will overlook them or will not use them at all.

Become the LinkedIn expert. Each week there is a list of new LinkedIn experts that have given thoughtful and valuable information. Using your business insight and sharing with others also helps optimize your LinkedIn profile.

Keep in mind that LinkedIn is a professional network that not only offers an extreme amount of value but it also has really high rankings on search engines so if you are trying to get noticed, have your LinkedIn profile optimized today.