Chances are, maybe especially if you have been job searching for a while now…but are the results what you are looking for? With 2011 fast approaching, why wait until after the holidays? Companies and Recruiters start the process as early as November in preparation for the new year and if your resume is not expressing your value- or if you are not getting the results you are looking for…then let’s talk.

Companies and recruiters no longer depend solely on referrals, industry contacts, job boards and third-party recruiters…they are turning to social media boards as a leading recruiting tool. You can actually set up your resume on your social profile and express your interests or strategically place commonly searched keywords throughout.

Here is a thought…if you are still job searching and do not have a professional resume ready, stop stalling…and…not just any resume will do- it needs to be PROFESSIONAL and content-enriched with keywords that express your value.

The job market is more than competitive – are YOU ready? Oh, by the way…companies and recruiters can hire talent from all over the world utilizing social media sites so imagine how much more competition you might just have.

Let’s take a look at your current resume and discuss your career goals…together- we can leverage your career!