To recap this week your Resume Summary or Resume Profile is the most crucial part of your resume. The Profile, also called Overview, should reflect all your professional qualifications, areas of expertise, skills, and personal conditions and should emphasize your qualifications and express your value to prospective employers. In writing the resume profile, use short concise phrases including your education and professional expertise.

Nothing is more impressive in a resume than explaining specifically how you increased revenues and profits, improved product or service quality, or increased operating efficiencies or reduced costs. You can convert duties into resume achievements and catch the decision-maker, hiring manager or recruiters` attention.

Here is a list of important sections to include in your resume:

  • Technology proficiencies and levels
  • Languages
  • Work experience
  • Skills acquired
  • Describe your duties and detail your achievements and accomplishments in a notable way
  • Include your education and training courses

With all this information, you are ready to create a powerful resume full of keywords that will leverage you ahead of your competition and if you still need help with your resume, contact me and I will be happy to schedule a resume consultation.