This week, we are going to continue on the path so you can strengthen your networking skills. What does networking have to do with finding a job or getting your foot in the door with your resume? EVERYTHING!

At Chapman Services Group, we understand what the decision-makers, hiring managers and recruiters are looking for when filling a position and not every job is posted for the world to apply. Literally speaking, you realize that is your competition so this week will surely give you insight on why you need to master networking.

Take for instance LinkedIn. You already know that it is the largest professional networking site worldwide but beyond creating a LinkedIn profile, how do you get the word out about the value you are willing to share?

This is so easy! There are a couple of steps we are going to cover this week so you can master networking by way of LinkedIn:

  • Recommendations– Give and Receive – go ahead and recommend other colleagues and professionals that you have done business with and ask for a recommendation from them
  • Groups– Join professional groups from entrepreneurial professionals to more specific niches and share your thoughts and experience
  • Spread the Word– Let your trusted contacts know you are job searching and they will tell you if they know of anything

These are simple ways to get started with your networking and this week, Chapman Services Group will go into detail so you can master networking and put an end to your job search once and for all!