In LinkedIn, you can see the network statistics that relate to your online identity. But what do you do with that information?

Ok, let’s login to your LinkedIn profile

Go ahead and mouse over Contacts and the tab will expand

Click on Network Statistics

Here you will see statistics about your LinkedIn network, including how many users you can reach through your connections. Your network grows every time you add a connection, so invite people to connect.

Your network consists of Trusted Professionals broken into categories such as Your Connections, Two Degrees Away and Three Degrees Away. These are the total users you can contact through an introduction.

Here is the best part! Say, you know Joe Boss at XYZ Corp and he is connected with a decision-maker at The Career YOU Want, send Joe Boss a request to introduce you to the decision-maker at The Career YOU Want! It’s that easy!

You can always send InMails but truthfully, when you are introduced by someone you already have a connection and relationship with; it makes your networking efforts much easier.

Go ahead and try it and let me know how it works out for you!