Let’s start with recommendations. We all know that when someone lets others know that our services or professionalism is superior that it helps create a stronger rapport and when you have recommendations within your network, it goes even farther.

Here is a step by step on how to give and receive recommendations thus helping you master networking and we will use LinkedIn as our guinea pig:

Login to your LinkedIn Profile

Place your mouse on profile and it will expand, click on recommendations

There are three (3) tabs: Received Recommendations, Sent Recommendations and Request Recommendations

Keep in mind if you have just created a new profile, then you want to add people to your network and you can search right on LinkedIn

So, click on Request recommendations and choose the position that is already listed in your LinkedIn profile, decide who you will ask and then create a message. There is a default message created; however, feel free to create your own. Click send.

Once you start receiving recommendations, you can add them to your LinkedIn profile and we will get into that later. Don’t forget, you want to give recommendations as well so click that tab and start recommending other colleagues within your network. Remember, it’s about master networking this week so start recommending other colleagues that continue to provide excellent service!