Recently, I read an article about LinkedIn and truth be told, it really did not surprise me. Professionals go all out getting their resumes created by professional resume writers and search for jobs but how does that stack up to visibility?

I’m going to explain something that is a no-brainer. When we are searching for a job or want to level up in our career, exposure is the key. That doesn’t just mean sending out your resume blindly in hopes that some decision-maker at some company will pick you out of the thousands of applicants….it means increasing your visibility and connecting globally.

Here is a tip you want to act on immediately if you are a professional:

Create your Professional LinkedIn Account or have your LinkedIn profile created for you

Add Your Experience

Connect with others

Increase Visibility by

– Joining groups

– Commenting and providing tips

– Uploading your resume or professional portfolio links

– Recommend or endorse others and get recommended from your trusted contacts

Don’t let an opportunity pass you by because they did not know about you!