This is very simple! Earlier this week, we talked about how to request and send recommendations through LinkedIn and since you have already taken action, you should start receiving some recommendations from your colleague and network.

So, here is how you display all those wonderful recommendations on your LinkedIn Profile:

Login to your LinkedIn Profile

Place your mouse on profile and it will expand, click on recommendations

There are three (3) tabs: Received Recommendations, Sent Recommendations and Request Recommendations

Under Received Recommendations you will see a list of the recommendations you have received and in the headline it will say: Manage recommendations you’ve received

Ask colleagues, clients, managers, and employees to endorse your work. Get recommended.

(Looking for recommendations you’ve made? Click here.)

So, this is the easiest part of all, click ‘Manage’ on any of the recommendations you have received for a specific position and review the recommendation and click add/display on profile and then save. Voila! Your LinkedIn recommendations will now appear in your LinkedIn profile for your network to see and share with others. Still need help with your LinkedIn profile? Contact Chapman Services Group today!