In order to master your networking skills in LinkedIn, there are several things you can do and today, we are going to show you how to join a group so you can share your expertise and knowledge and be the expert in your niche.

The first thing you want to do is login to your LinkedIn profile

At the top, you will see tabs like this

If you put your mouse on groups, it will expand to Your Groups, Groups You May Like, Groups Directory and Create a Group. For the purpose of joining a LinkedIn group, you can first check the Groups You May Like by clicking it.

A new page will open up and this is based on information and keywords already in your LinkedIn profile. Feel free to search groups by keywords, categories and languages.

You may notice that there is a little lock on some of the groups, these groups must approve you before you are able to join the group- so don’t get discouraged, they will let you know in a timely manner if you can join or not.

Click ‘Join Group’ for the group(s) you would like to join and you will see a confirmation that your request has been received. Once you are ‘IN’, start sharing and getting involved in topics or start your own. Be sure to read the guidelines as most groups have posted the do’s and don’ts. Still need help with your LinkedIn profile? Contact Chapman Services Group today!