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As I’m sure you already know, searching for your next career move isn’t always the easiest of tasks.

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ResumeSpider.com offers you a time-saving and effective way for you to connect with multiple, targeted employers, corporate hiring managers and recruiters.

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You target employers and recruiters based on your location, job function and industry/sector. ResumeSpider then sends your resume directly into the inboxes of these employers and recruiters that are looking for you.

The nice thing about the ResumeSpider job search tool is that you will be able to see every single person who reviews your resume and how they rate you. They give you all of the contact information for every employer and recruiter on your list so you can then pick up the phone and call your contacts directly! You can sell yourself and get yourself an interview. This is PROACTIVE job searching. The reason job seekers are frustrated with a typical job search is because they have no control over who is looking at their information. ResumeSpider gives you that control.

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