What I’ve learned over the years is that most people don’t understand how to conduct an effective job search. Today I’d like to inform you about how to get resumes in front of recruiters.

Chapman Services Group, LLC uses a Dunn & Bradstreet database of approximately 15,000recruiters. We narrow the number of recruiters who will be sent your resume by industry and job category. Once your resume and cover letter are emailed to the various recruiters, we then provide you with a comprehensive report with names and contact information for every recruiter who was emailed your documents. Having all of this information allows you to follow-up with these recruiters as you see fit.

While there are resume distribution services that are less expensive, most do not send resume to focused recruiters and do not provide you with a report of recruiters.

No matter if you use our service or another, recruiters are a great way to get some interest in you and your skills.