You may be ready to move out of your current job and into something bigger and better. So you must begin the daunting task of searching for that new job. After some time of searching, you may not have found any leads or there is complete silence after submitting many cover letters and resumes. Is this making you feel discouraged? Do you feel like your search has stalled and you don’t know what to do to change it? Here are some tips on how to kick start your job search:

  • Organize your time. Searching for a job takes significant time so it’s important to use your time wisely. Block out time on your calendar so you’re designating time each day towards your job search. Use this time to look for new openings, work on your profiles and resume and to network.
  • Set accomplishment goals. Your goals should be focused on how many resumes you want to send out and how many people you want to make contact with each week.
  • Create a network plan. Go through your list of contacts on your phone, email, and online profiles. This will be a list of people you should network with and make regular contact with. This gives you additional resources to find job leads.
  • Revamp your resume. Take the time to overhaul your resume so it highlights your skills, experience, and capabilities. This is the first thing employers see, so you want it to shine. If you need assistance with this, hire a resume writer to help you.
  • Go to events to increase your exposure. Find events and conventions where companies are appearing so you can network with them and learn more about them. This shows initiative and drive. This will also give you insider knowledge into these companies and what they’re looking for specifically.
  • Research employers’ social media. You can learn about company culture and what it’s like to work for them. They also post new job openings on their social media sites. You can also interact with them and stand out amongst other applicants.
  • Re-evaluate your strategy each month. Make sure what you’re doing is working and assess what isn’t working. If something you’re doing isn’t producing results, change it up and try something new. Step outside your comfort zone.

Don’t be discouraged. It takes time to find a job. Given enough initiative you will find the right one for you. Give these tips a try!