I read an article this morning that made a tremendous amount of sense to me. The author, Tim Cunningham, provided individuals with monetized examples of conducting a job search. Since the average job search takes 18 to 27 weeks to complete with an average resume, investing in an exceptionally written resume will produce results much faster.

Average resumes are tossed in the “do not call” pile 90% to 95% of the time. Since you have decided to invest in yourself and your career, your professionally written resume will be chosen for interviews much more often – let’s just say 50% of the time. Because most people are so nervous on their first interview, let’s say you don’t receive that job offer but go to 2 more interviews over 3 weeks’ time and receive a job offer for $75,000. You have just reduced your job search time a minimum of 15 weeks and turned a job search cost of $25,961.00 into a job search cost of $4,326.00 by investing in professional resume writing services.

Your investment in professional resume writing services is essential. Having sophisticated marketing documents written by skilled professionals is an investment you can not afford not to make.