Having walked in the shoes of so many of you who have been laid off, I understand not wanting to spend one red cent more than you must when the future is unsure. However, the only way to move forward is to have career marketing documents (resume, cover letter, thank you letters, reference dossier, etc.) that position you as the candidate of choice.

If you are unable to develop a resume that will capture the attention of hiring agents with compelling information regarding your value, core competencies, and quantifiable accomplishments, then hire a professional resume writer to assist you. The positive impact made by having a strong resume and other career marketing documents is gaining more interviews. The more interviews you secure, the more quality job offers you will receive.

Again, I understand the hesitation you may have in investing in resume development services, however, should a professionally written resume reduce your job search time just 4 weeks, this could save you $3,000 in lost salary if you make just $40,000 per year – much more than what resume writing services will cost you.

It’s very important that you think of your resume as an investment in marketing you to employers. The candidate who markets himself better, will be the candidate who gets interviewed. I know you want to be the candidate who gets interviewed. Please think about investing in your future.